CloudConnectR3.5 - A platform for SaaS

Proven SaaS Platform

CLOUDCONNECTR3.5 is a cloud computing service delivery platform for SaaS that provides enterprise-class Portal, e-marketplace, Application Delivery Service and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) in a tightly integrated and easy-to-use solution. The platform is based on SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) model.

CLOUDCONNECTR3.5 Architecture

CLOUD-CONNECTR3.5 provides an open, secure, scalable and cost-effective service delivery platform. This platform is entirely built using SOA model, which can improve provider’s ability to rapidly create, deploy and manage services that are not only easily access by existing cloud computing platform but also and future system. The SOA architectural approach promoted by CLOUD-CONNECTR3.5 represents fundamental changes to the philosophy of developing, deploying and managing complex cloud computing services.