SaaS Marketplace

SaaS marketplace is a highly scalable, user-configurable e-commerce web store interface, providing a familiar online shopping experience to publish the cloud service catalog. Any SaaS providers that wants to publish their cloud services to the customers can achieve a highly graphical web store within minutes.

The marketplace is a feature-packed solution and includes virtually all of the usability and advanced features found in the world’s best e-commerce sites, including:

  • Powerful, context-sensitive search
  • Role & entitlement-driven views and native Single-Sign-On (SSO) with your existing LDAP
  • Configurable categories, sub-categories, featured, and most-popular navigation
  • Real-time order/request status
  • Super-configurable electronic forms designer, packed with hundreds of features for creation of dynamic, intuitive, user self-service e-Forms.
  • E-commerce shopping cart
  • Highly configurable pricing
  • Highly flexible and configurable product bundling and packaging
  • Multi-lingual and multi-currency support

SaaS Provider Portal

The SaaS Provider Portal provides UI for cloud service provider administrator to manage the marketplace. The following are the functions and features:

ISV Portal

User self-service portal provides the subscribers the power and convenience to subscribe for service and manage their accounts.